Welcome To Firefly Farm!

Tucked in the hills of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, our small family farm is committed to providing healthy homegrown food to ourselves and our community.


The mission of Firefly Farm is to cultivate a way of “being”, for ourselves and our community, that nourishes our bodies, minds, and spirits with locally grown food and mindful living in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. We have designed this business as a creative collection of products and services that allow our family to work together, and work toward, a healthier way of living for all, while harmoniously stewarding our little piece of Earth.

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and. go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. - Howard Thurman

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Our Story

Our story begins around the turn of the millennium when we were expecting our first child and thinking passionately about how we wanted to nourish him. We planted our first garden, shopped at the co-op, and began working with whole foods: baking our own breads, tortillas, canning jams, and freezing small harvests. After an unexpected move to the coast of Maine, we took advantage of the climate, and began growing a lot of our own food, raising hens, and dreaming about a farm of our own where we might grow enough food to sustain ourselves.

The dream included a farm with an old barn, still standing, and a place to build a tiny net zero home. It also included many vegetable gardens, a farm stand, a mature apple orchard and sugarbush, a pond, a cleared pasture, at least 25 acres, and it had to be in a cool town in Vermont. This list grew over the years, as did our family. As a family of four, we had become very connected to our community in Maine, and suspected that we would not return to our home state until many years later when the kids were grown.

But one night at the kitchen table, in a moment of political frustration, we peeked at the real estate listings, and there was our farm! All of it! Waiting for us! So we jumped ship, all four of us, and said good-bye to our dear friends and the house that had been our home for almost a decade. We bought a used camper and landed, home.

In our first two years back, we built a small energy efficient house, a chicken coop and a sugar shack. We dug a pond, created gardens, grew some vegetables, planted berry bushes and more apple trees, thinned the sugarbush and boiled some sap. With the help of the Vermont State Conservation Grant, we rehabbed an 1800s barn that is the only remaining structure of the original farm.

Our dream continues. We are doing what we love, in a beautiful place, and designing a means of sharing it all with others. We now have a CSA, a farmstand, and are selling maple syrup. With the aid of the USDA, we have built our first hoop house for protected growing and longer seasons. In the future, we hope to hold more community events, offer a guest space, erect a second hoop house and a greenhouse, and allow the dream to continue growing for generations.