NEK Virtual Mindfulness Meditation Group

Welcome to the NEK Mindfulness Meditation Group! This is meant to serve as a way of staying connected to our community in the current times.

There are a few ways you may participate in this group. All options are open to everyone, with or without meditation experience. You may participate in as many or as few as you choose, and as frequently or as infrequently as you choose.

- A group meditation at 7:00 AM daily: This will simply be a place that you can sign in and know you are meditating with others in your area, despite not being physically with them.
- A discussion following the meditation: This is a time to express feelings and thoughts, and have discussions about the meditation.
- A guided meditation at 7:00 AM once each week: This is a time to take part in a meditation with more structure, which will be led by Ben Tipton.

How to Sign Up

- Sign up for an Insight Timer account here and download the app onto a mobile device. Please be sure to do this FIRST, as you will be unable to receive the invite if you haven't yet created an account.

- Fill out this form and we'll send an invite to you through Insight Timer to join the NEK Mindfulness Meditation Group. 

-Accept our invitation in your Insight Timer notifications to join the group!