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If you have a connection with the farm, if you've actually walked on the soil of the farm, it nourishes your soul.

Nigel Walker

Vegetable CSA

Why join our CSA?  A few of the many great reasons to join a CSA are the ability to support the local economy, reduce packaging, build community, and know where, how, and by whom your food is grown.


Our egg CSA is offered in eight week intervals from November to May. Our flock of Barred Rock chickens are fed organic feed and enjoy a new grazing patch every three days when the ground is not frozen. Our eggs are collected daily and available to you weekly by the dozen.

Pay Ahead Cards

Pay ahead cards are an alternative means of joining our farm. Purchase a pay ahead card and shop our farmstand through out the season for the items of your choice. By paying ahead, you receive an extra 15% to spend at your will. 

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