Winter Egg CSA



Thank you for having an interest in our egg CSA this winter. We are trying this out for the first time and hope that it is beneficial for both you and us.

We are planning to offer three consecutive 8 week shares. Shareholders will receive a dozen eggs each week for the duration of the 8 weeks. If all is going well and we are still getting enough eggs, we will offer a second 8 week share, and possibly a third. Each 8 week share costs $40. and is due at the time of registration. Renewals will be done differently and we will keep you posted. 


To sign up for our CSA, click the link below to register. You may follow up with a check or cash, or request an invoice to pay by credit card. Payments are due at the time of registration so we do ask that you pay for your share within three days of registering.


The first 8 week share will begin on November 3rd and run through December 22nd. Pick-ups will be on Tuesday evenings between 4pm and 6pm or by special arrangement.


Communicating with us is best done by email at You can also text or call us at 802-535-2876.


Lastly, Community Supported Agriculture is usually a mutual partnership where the shareholders accept the risk that some crops may fail, etc. We do not plan to operate the egg CSA this way. We are trying something new, and will own the risk ourselves. If for some reason our chickens stop laying or something happens to them, you will be refunded for the eggs you do not receive. 


Thank you and we look forward to partnering with you for this trial run! 

~ The Crew at FFBH