Dear Community,


As COVID-19 reaches into our area, we are feeling compassion for all of us! This is a hard time with uncertain outcomes. The responses to the crisis are expansive. At Firefly Farm at Burke Hollow, we are reminded of our mission to nourish our community and ourselves. We believe it is our duty to find ways in this unprecedented time to offer the people of the Northeast Kingdom those nourishments.


We are beginning to generate a list of ways that we can offer that nourishment. We hope to update this list as needed. 

We are grateful for the place we live, the amazing community that surrounds us, and we hope if there is anything we can do to make this crisis easier for any one of you, that you will ask. 


Be well.

The Crew at FFBH

Payment Options

We are now accepting credit card payments which can be made online upon receiving an invoice from us. Credit card payments are being accepted for Pay Ahead Cards, Veggie Pre-Orders, and Maple Syrup. Learn more about all of these by clicking on the links above.


We are striving to make all pick-ups safe for everyone. Your vegetables, labeled with your name, will be left for you in our farmstand. If you have paid by credit card, you need only drive in, grab your order, and leave. If you are paying with check or exact change, it can be left in the farmstand when you pick up.

Extending Care Shares

Our care shares are full for this year. Thank you all for your donations!


As of now, we are not planning on hosting any events on the farm this summer. If it becomes safe to do so, we will post events on our events page. We suspect we will all be ready to convene as a community and celebrate weathering this storm.